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Downtown Edmonton as it looked in 1968.
Whyte Avenue  1945
Jasper Ave looking East 1950
Jasper Ave lookng West
Edmonton Industrial Airport
Historic Edmonton
Copyrights belong to David Aaron
My collection of old Edmonton and Alberta Photography goes as far back as 1930's.  Over the years I have acquired a number of private collections.
These photographs are of exceptional quality.
This page depicts only a small portion of my collection.  Please
refer to the list at the bottom for other images.

Please feel free to contact me about specific images you may
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Edmonton Historic Photographs - For Sale
Black and white unless noted.

Bohemian Maid - c1968 (front entrance)
Borden park - 1971
Canada Packers - 1950 (klik Billboard with smoke stack) beautiful scene
Canadian National Railways - 1945 (colour)
Canadian National Railways - 1945 (colour) - monument to WWII visible
Canadian National Station - 1949 (includes Queen's Avenue school)
CN railyard downtown - 1988 (a few tracks and buildings standing)
Court House - 1934
City Hall - 1958 (colour) (note:  Dr John A. MacIntosh collection)
City Hall - 1968 (colour) (lots of neat old cars)
City Skyline from the river valley - 1968 (colour)
Chancery Hall 1968 (colour) (lots of old cars)
Concordia College - 1950
Coronation Pool 1968 (colour)
Corbitt Hall (U of A) - 1949
Corona Hotel - 1950 (Silk Hat)
Cromdale Bus Barn - 1944 (street car #73 interior)
Old Courthouse - 1968 (Klondike days parade) (colour)
Credit Jewellers, Pechet's Jewellers and lots of cool old cars)
Coliseum under construction 1973 (colour)
Church  - Robertson-Wesley 1978 in colour.
Downtown Edmonton - 1968 (aerial view in colour) (very cool picture)
Downtown Aerial view of Civic Centre - 1968 (includes Old post office,
Woodwards, city hall, police station)
Edmonton Gardens - 1950  (winter and summer scene)
Galligher park including the neighborhood late 1960's (B&W;Colour)
Gibson Block - 1934
Gibson Block - 1950 Sam's Garage (very neat scene)
Government House - 1949
Grandstand Klondike Days - 1967 (includes various ETS buses colour)
Greyhound Bus depot - 1950
Home Grocery Store - 1940s (Jasper Ave 115 st)
Horse race track/stands (various images) - late 60's.
Hospital - Royal Alex - 1949 (Glenrose)
High Level Bridge - 1950 (includes legislature)
International Harvester 109 st 1945 (colour)
Incline Elevator - 1907 (view down hill) Edmonton Hotel; JH Morris.
Industrial airport - 1970 (includes 2 planes on tarmac)
International Airport tarmac - 1964 (colour)
Jasper Home Grocery Store c1928 (Jasper Ave. and 106 st)
Jasper Ave 97 st - 1951 (Macdonald annex; Georgia Cafe)
Jasper Ave 98 st west - 1950 (Northwest Tent; Mandarin restaurant)
Jasper Ave 99 st west - 1949 (very sharp photo)
Jasper Ave 100 A st west - 1945 (street car #59)
Jasper Ave aerial view looking east from 100 st - 1969 (colour)
Jasper Ave 101 st west - 1944 (street car #53)
Jasper Ave 101 st Selkirk hotel - 1944 (includes Empress theatre)
Jasper Avenue 104st looking east 1962 (colour)  One of the coolest
  images I've ever seen of downtown.  (The Bay, Weners shoes,
  Reeds, Peoples Credit Jewellers)
Jasper Ave aerial view - 1930s (very cool image)
Jasper Ave 108 st west - 1945
Jasper Ave 109 st east - 1944
Jasper Ave 109 st west - 1944 (Portion of the CPR station in view)
Jasper Ave east - 1950 (neat old cars)
Jasper ave 106 st east - 1950 (CJCA)
Jasper Ave east - 1949 (Hudson Bay)
Jasper Ave west - 1949 (Selkirk Hotel)
Jasper Ave 115 st southeast aerial view - 1970
Jubilee Auditorium - 1969 (B&W)
Klondike Days Various images 1967 (colour)
Kinsmen field House (various images with homes in colour) - 1967
Klondike days exhibition - 1970 (colour) (various images available)
Legislature southside - 1970
Lister Hall - 1970 (colour)
Lister Hall - 1969 (B&W)
Low Level Bridge - 1949 (various views)
Methodist Church - 1969 (B&W)
Midway Confectionery c1977 (colour) Rare old wooden store 99st.
Molson Brewery "Export" sign - 1969 (colour)
Norwood School - 1949
Planetarium - 1969 (night image in colour)
Post Office on Whyte Ave - 1950 (nice street scene)
Public library Street car - 1944
Rexall Place under construction - 1973
RIALTO theatre 1971 (colour) Incredibly cool marquee
River valley from Mcdougall Hill - 1950 (beautiful view)
River Valley/Skyline from 98 Ave - Sunset c1966 (colour) very cool
River valley towards High Level bridge - 1970 (taken from Connor's hill)
Sales Pavillion - 1970 (interior)
Storyland Valley Zoo - 1960's  (various colour images excellent quality
including 3 men in a tub.)
Street car #74 -1951 (colour)
Tuck Store winter scene (U of A) - 1940s
University of Alberta -Varsity arena
Whyte Ave 105 st Princess theatre - 1945
YMCA - 1950
118 ave/79 st east - 1945 (street car #51)
101 st Street car #59 - 1945 (Rialto Theatre)
98 Avenue looking toward downtown skyline c1966 (colour)
105 st bridge - 1985 (over the CN rail yard 104th ave)

Other Photos:
Golden Spike, Alberta - 1949 (neat old gas pump, signs and cars)
Devonian Theatre - 1949 (town of Devon)
Ellerslie Grain Elevator - 1982 (Edmonton in the background)
Calgary Stampede 1962 (various images)  very cool old pics
Burdett Grain Elevators 1962

Additional images 1985 to Present (mostly colour):

Alexander circle - 2012
Airport International - 2009 (Inside the old control tower) 
Arena District - 2007 (Aerial view prior to arena)
Armoury - 2007 (prior to the LRT line)
Art Gallery - 2007 (demolished)
Avenue Theatre Skatepark - 2006 (demolished)
Auto Spring Works - 2005 (destroyed by fire)
Avonair Curling club - (Prior to restoration)
Brewery on 104th ave - 1967/2007 (demolished)
Bubble on Whyte - 2009 (demolished)
Capilano Mall - 2012 (demolished)
Corbitt hall - 2006 (prior to Edmonton Clinic)
Cromdale Hotel - 2010 (demolished)
Canadian Legion #175 Kingsway - 2010 (demolished)
Canadian Permanent building - 2005 (Japanese villiage version)
CPR Station Whyte Avenue- 2004 (Prior to condiminium)
Crosstown Motors - 2005 (demolished)
Epcor Tower - 2007 (area prior to construction)
Fast Exchange - 2007 (out of business)(last of the older style pawn shops)
Federal Building - 2007 (prior to make-over)
Fire station #11 - 2005 (demolished)
Gem Theatre - 2006 (demolished)
Gibson Block - 2007 (black and white)
Healy Ford - 1969/2008 (demolished)
High Level Bridge (many different views)
HUB Mall - 2008 (prior to interior renovations)
Japanese Village - 2007 (downtown)
Jasper Cinema - 2005
Jasper Ave 1981(CP bridge visible in the background)
Molson House - 2007 (demolished)
Motoraunt 1997 (On Jasper Ave - Out of business)
North Edmonton School - 2008 (demolished)
Pawn Shops  97 St. (demolished)
Pharos Pizza -  inside/outside (out of business)
Post office (Downtown) - 2008 (demolished) interior/exterior
Power Plant river valley - 2008 (demolished)
Queen Elizabeth pool - 2006 (demolished)
Ramsey/Kelly Block - 2006 (prior to fire - demolished)
River Valley (various beautiful winter scenes)
Roxy Theatre - 2008 (prior to fire)
Shell gas station - 2009 (Whyte Ave - demolished)
Silk Hat Interior/exterior- 2007 (prior to sale)
Southside Sound - 1987/2008 (Out of business)
Sport Ex - 2005 (interior and exterior views - demolished)
Swedish Jewellers - 2009 (demolished)
Stedelbauer Chevrolet (out of business)
Telus Field -2007
Trans Alta site - 2011 (demolished)
University - Faculty of Education - 2007 (prior to pedway)
University of Alberta - numerous and rare perspectives
University of Alberta Panoramic view - 2012
Victoria Composite Sch. interior mural - 2008 (demolished)
Walterdale bridge - 2010 (Prior to construction of the new bridge)
Wheaton Chev/Olds Whyte ave - 2007 (Prior to renovations)
Whyte Avenue/103 St - (prior to Condominium)
York hotel - 2009 (demolished)
Zellers - 2011 (Interior/exterior views)
102nd Ave bridge - 2013 (demolished)
118 Avenue store fronts - (Out of business)
700 wing - 1985  (includes jet behind the Chateau Louis)
23 Ave & Calgary Trail - 2005 (prior to overpass construction)
"1955"  (Collage of numerous local publications)
and much more.  Just ask.

CN Railway Edmonton
Corona Hotel
Edmonton City Hall 1958
Golden Spike  Alberta
Ellerslie Grain Elevator
Edmonton Armoury
Fire Station No. 11
Northwest Tent and Awning and Mandarin restaurant visible in larger image.
Storyland Valley Zoo
Roxy Theatre
Walterdale Bridge
Photographs on this page are for information purposes only.
All images above are cropped and intentionally out of focus for display on the internet and do not accurately depict the original image nor its quality. 
Customers purchasing photographs will receive sharp high quality images.
102nd Avenue
Pawn Shop on 97 St. (2010)
Victoria Composite Sch. Mural (2008)
102nd Avenue Bridge
Federal Building (2007)
Downtown site prior to the arena (2007)
Trans Alta site (2011)
Baseball Field (2007)
Swedish Jewellers (2009)
Epcor/Walterdale bridge (2007)
International Airport Tower decommissioned (2009)
First IGA in Edmonton.  Photograph 1950.
Bateman's IGA
1949 Unknown salon.
Edmonton Beauty Salon
City Centre Airport
Valley Zoo
Storyland Valley Zoo
World War 2 Monument
c 1964
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An Electra arriving at the Industrial airport in 1971.
Vintage colour photograph of how the zoo looked in the early 1960's.  I have various colour images of the zoo from this era.  Please note - these are from negatives, not from postcards.
A true gentleman.  Canadian Derby @ Edmonton race track c1971.
Grant Macewan
Klondike Days parade 1971.  United Grain Growers float passing Sir Winston Churchill Square.  Police Headquarters in the background.
United Grain Growers
Klondike Days Parade
c1971.  I have numerous perspectives of the track.
Bag pipes passing Churchill Square c 1971.
Northlands Race track
Queen Elizabeth Planetarium
Georgia Baths
Jasper Ave 1968
Although no longer politically correct, "Indian Days" was a celebration of First Nation life in Alberta (1967).
I have various images of the 1963 Canadian Derby at Northlands Park in colour.
Churchill Square 1979c.  Originally this square was a park.  Old city hall in the background.
"Indian Days"
Edmonton International
Churchill Square
Canadian Derby
David Aaron Photography

This monument was erected in front of the CN station in 1945 to honour returning soldiers.
City Centre airport as it looked about 1972.
The old Princess theatre is in the background
Tarmac in 1963.  Wardair DC 6B on the right.  Trans Canada Airline on the left
Street car turning onto 84 Ave from 109 street.  Summer of 1945
Street Car #77
175 Legion
I have a beautiful high quality sound recording of a car crossing over the grated bridge.
This legion stood for many years across from the Royal Alex hospital until it was demolished to make way for the LRT
Entrance to Storyland valley Zoo c 1964.  Zoo opened in summer of 1959.