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Old Strathcona - 103rd Street
Yellow Parade
96 Street - Edmonton
This page is a special collection of some award winning photographs and some very unique images that I have done over the past years.
Copyright  David Aaron
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Alexander Circle

Did you know that I can take your digital photographs and turn them into something unique?
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This is one of the last old downtown blocks still standing.  Since this image, the York hotel has been demolished.  Almost all old commercial buildings that stood are gone.
The Old Strathcona watering hole still stands after more than a century.  Who hasn't had a drink in here?
Are you looking for pictures of Edmonton or Alberta that are not on my website.
Call me.  My library contains many images ranging from grafitti to old houses. I even have different views of the places found on my website.
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A  thunderstorm on the prairies.
Yellow taxi has been providing taxi service for over 70 years.
Are you looking for something different.  I can do all kinds of creative photography.  Just Ask me.
I like to experiment with various filters.
Prairie Lightning
Edmonton Refinery
Health Science
*Short-listed VAAA 2013
*Honourable Mention 2013 International Spider Awards

*Bronze Award - 2012
International Loupe Awards
Just a little something out of the ordinary.  Call me if you want a special photograph.
Smokin' Booth
I enjoy experimenting with various filters and techniques.
Free Spirit
University of Alberta - This image was one of only a few photographs nominated in the category of architecture at the 2015 Spider awards.
St. Joseph's College
This collage is made up of various advertisements from 1955.  Note:  This is a limited edition item with only 100 being made.  Low res image for the internet.  Customers will receive high quality photograph.
Collage from various advertisements from 1966 from Edmonton.  Makes a great gift for someone turning 50 in 2016.  Note:  This is a limited edition item with only 100 being made.
Extremely high resolution image.  I also have other incredible refinery images.  Please contact me if you are looking.
Photograph with light.
This photo taken in southern BC as a family shows up to buy ice cream.  2012.
Reaching for Ice cream
2017 Nominee Americana
International color Awards
Stedelbauer Chev - Olds
This image has been significantly cleaned up and repaired.
Sweet Caporal