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Over many summers and winters I have had the opportunity to see parts of Alberta that few others have seen.  The following photographs capture a different way of life.  My photographs document landscapes from as far north as Peace River and as far south as Pincher Creek.  This is but a small sample of my Alberta Collection.
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Alberta is full of beatiful lakes.  This one is near Camrose.
Are you looking for an Alberta church.  My library of churches in extensive.
Working on the prairies.
Harvesting on the prairies.
An old farm on the prairies.
An Alberta winter can be colder than cold.
Cypress Hills
Holy Trinity
Alberta Gold.
Fixer Upper
Fall Harvest
Frostic Train
Northern Alberta Farmland.
Old Barn
Beautiful sunset.  It took me almost 3 years of visiting the park before I finally got the image I wanted.
A train crossing a trestle in the fall time.
A one room school.  This is the only one I've ever seen.  Now gone.
Ever since I published this image, this farm house has been inundated with so many photographers that
Lives up to its name.
Do Not Hit Me
Train Trestle Central Alberta
Elk Island National Park
Storm Coming
Alberta Homestead #3
School's Out
Beef is an important part of the Alberta economy.  Unfortunately, they don't like photographers taking their picture.
Mad Cows
Mirror Lake
If you don't mind minus thirty temperatures, winter is great in Alberta.
Trains are abundant on the Alberta landscape.
The coulees of Alberta are predominentally found near Drumheller
Winter Wonderland
Prairie Train
Western Canada
Church in the Alberta Coulees
This church sadly burned to the ground  on May 22, 2017.
Northern Alberta.  A mix of Boreal forest and farmland.
Prairie View
McDougall Church
Banff National Park.  Stunning high altitude photograph.
Winter Peak
Pump jack sihlouette.
Pump  Jack #1
A very rare scene to come upon.
Train passing throught the Rocky Mountains.
Mountain Train #2
Homestead #3
Summer Season
Homestead #1.
Allied Art Council - Award Recipient 2015
An Alberta sky can take on many different forms.
Old yellow bus canopy
Everything in Alberta is big.  Even the clouds.  I'm using a 17-40 mm lens on a Canon 6D full frame camera.
Big Clouds
Alberta Sky
Yellow Bus
Calgary Stampede Western Showcase
July 2016
Train coming.
Mountain Train #3
Old stream train pulling away from a grain elevator.
Steam Train
A survivor.
Historic Alberta
I have various high quality photographs of the Gondola and of Banff prior to 1980.  Gondola opened in July of 1959.
Taking a stroll down main street Banff 1940.
CN Station prior to being demolished.  Rare image.
Please note:  This is the actual station not the replica which stands today.
Banff Gondola
Fort Saskatchewan
Train Station
Historic Banff
Elk Island National Park
All historical photographs on this page are for information purposes only.

All images on this page have been blurred and cropped for display on the internet
and do not accurately depict the original image nor its quality. 
Customers purchasing photographs will receive sharp high quality images as originally taken.

The many faces of Alberta
True blue Alberta.
Lightning storms are prevalent through out the Alberta prairie summers.
Valley of the Ten Peaks
Train coming out of the mountains.
Country Road
Mountain Train
Northern Lights
Alberta Farm
Alberta lightning
Morraine Lake
The coulees of Alberta.
Trestle in Central Alberta
Alberta Coulees
Train Trestle
To achieve this style of black and white, I am using my own unique reverse negative process.
Train Crossing the Prairies
Medicine Hat Train Station Station
This train station still stands, however, it has been renovated since 1979.
Remnants of a by-gone era.
As I was driving through a storm, I came upon this old shed in southern Alberta.
Alberta Grafitti
St. Peter's Orthodox Church
St. Peter's
Coulee Cemetary
Couple posing in front of the game farm sign
As it looked in 1966
Owned by Johnny Nordstrom the reining ski doo champ of Alberta for a time
Pool as it looked in the 1940's
Banff Springs pool
Texaco Mulhurst
Chateau Lake Louise
Alberta Game Farm
CN Engines
Alberta storms can be intense
Alberta Sky 2
Anglican church on the prairies
Rural Alberta Church
Lethbridge train station was eventually converted into a commercial building.  The tracks are long gone.
Lethbridge Train Station
Main Street Banff
Main Street Banff 1966
Main Street Banff
Entrance as it looked in the 1960's
Calgary Prehistoric Park
Red Deer
Train Station
Iconic Canadianna
"Hockey on the Prairies"
This is not a painting, but an actual photograph taken around 1952 of a group boys playing hockey in small town Alberta.  That in itself would be hard to imagine, but the photographer had the sense to take this image with the grain elevator behind the boys.  On top of that, he  used Kodachrome colour film  A truly once in a lifetime discovery.
Photograph has been blurred for the internet