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 David Aaron Photography


"Jet" -  Nominated:  In-Focus photo competition.


"Reaching" - Nominated:  Category of Americana - International Color Awards


Ecological Upheaval - runner-up:  Alberta Views Magazine Photo contest
 ( June edition )
Sky High Truck - Nominated:  Category:  Americana - International Color Awards.
Sweet Caporal Mural - Nominated:  Category:  Americana - International Color Awards.
Yahk Shack - Nominated:   Category:  Architectural - International Spider Awards.


 Redwoods - Short-listed:  Visual Arts Alberta.
 Street Car #33 - Honourable Mention:  (silhouette) International Color Awards.
 Winter Walk - Winner:  Metro Community Photography Contest.
 Homestead #3 - Runner-up:  Allied Art Council
 High Level Bridge (2012) - Honourable Mention:  International Spider Awards.
 St. Joseph's College - Nominated:  Category of architectural photography - International 
 Spider  Awards.


Refinery - Short-listed - Visual Arts Alberta.
Refinery -  Honourable Mention - International Spider Awards.


High Level Bridge (2007) - Top 10 Visual Arts Alberta.
Sky Light - Bronze Award - International Loupe Awards.


2011  Street Car #33 - Winner - Mcbain's photography contest.

Exhibits and Notes

2018    Book published -  Edmonton:  Then and Now  - reaches best seller list for non-fiction                                                 for the months of November and December in Edmonton.
2017    Allied Art Council - Pincher Creek, Alberta
2017    "Big Valley Grain Elevator"  Calgary Stampede - Western Showcase
"Winter Walk"  Deep Freeze Gallery
"Winter Mail"  Deep Freeze Gallery
"Refinery" - Exposure 2017   juried exhibition (short-listed)
2016  "Forgotten"  Calgary Stampede - Western Showcase
AGT/Imperial Oil building under construction 1968-70 - Main floor ATB building.
     (Permanent display)
Grey Nun's Hospital - Showcase August 1 to October 31st.
              Video Production - History of the Fringe Festival - Various images.
2015  "Big Valley Grain Elevator"  Calgary Stampede - Western Showcase          
            Infocus art exhibition.
            Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium - Calgary
    Grey Nun's Hospital - Main Gallery from July - October
    Spruce Grove Art Gallery
    "Winter Walk" - Deep Freeze Gallery
    "Winter Wonderland" - Deep Freeze Gallery
2014  Grey Nun's Hospital.
2013  Oprah Winfrey is bestowed with one of my pictures - "Bridges".
2011  High Level Diner.
2010-2016  Scotia Place - Edmonton
2010  Photo on permanent display - Telus Towers - Edmonton
2010  Scotia Place Art wall.

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I began photographing Edmonton in the mid 1970's using a pocket camera.  Unfortunately only a few of these pictures survived.  Then in the 1980's I took time to take more pictures of Edmonton with a better camera.  However, it was not until the late 1990's that I began taking photographs of Edmonton in earnest as I saw how fast the city was changing.  I was serious about recording what was left of Edmonton's history, but I didn't want pictures that merely documented Edmonton's buildings.  I wanted pictures that made Edmonton come to life.  I wanted pictures that were complex, rich and heart- felt. 

In 2005, I purchased a digital camera and never looked back.  In 2008, I approached a number of local galleries, but I soon realized that I was on my own.  I was determined so I applied and was accepted to the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market.  The market was  good to me as it gave me a chance to connect with the people who would eventually buy my photography.  Today I sell at other venues as well.  Over the years I've added photographs of rural Alberta to my portfolio and I have travelled thousands of kilometers seeking out unique and unusual places to share with others who love the western landscape.  

In 2011, my photography  began to receive recognition both locally and internationally as I entered various photography competitions.  Over the years, I've studied many complex techniques for taking and editing photographs.  Today, my photographs and book reside in thousands of homes and businesses locally and around the world.

My other focus is seeking out old photos of Edmonton and making them available to all Edmontonian's.  I now hold a sizable collection obtained from private individuals. Over the years I have acquired some beautiful collections including one of the most stunning colour collections going back to the early 1960's.  I also give presentations to groups and organizations interested in looking back at Edmonton's past or reminiscing.  If you are interested in having me speak at one of your functions, please contact me.
Artist Statement:
About David Aaron:
David Aaron is an Edmonton based photographer who 
specializes in landscape photographs of Edmonton and Alberta. 
 His personal collection containing buildings and street scenes span over 
three decades.  His vintage collection of photographs 
stem back to the 1930's. 

 David has spent considerable time studying the physical changes of Edmonton through photography.  He has gained an extensive knowledge of how and where the city has changed.  He shares this knowledge with many organizations through his photography and presentations.  

David uses professional equipment to produce his work.  His commitment
 to both the technical and artistic aspects of photography allows him 
to produce award winning photography.
 If you wish to purchase photographs old or new please feel free to contact him.  If you have any images of Edmonton prior to 2010, David would be 
very interested in meeting you.
Edmonton City Centre Airport
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Edmonton:  Then and Now surpasses 1000 copies sold as of September.
Ecological Upheaval
St Joseph's College
Edmonton: Lost and Found published.   90 images of lost Edmonton.
Jasper Avenue 1949 Short-listed - Infocus National Photo Contest.
Edmonton:  Then and Now surpasses 2000 copies sold as of July.
Edmonton Memories published.  100 black and white and colour images.