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Please remember that all images on this website are low resolution samples
Summer in Edmonton
My skyline panoramas are professional grade images and can be enlarged to 30 feet wide with amazing detail and sharpness. 
This caboose sihloutted against  Edmonton's skyline shows a  beautiful sunset.
The Purple Onion sat just one block south of Whyte Avenue for almost 30 years.  Closed in 2009.
The Purple Onion
Since I was 12 years old I've been taking pictures of buildings and landscapes always with a sense of nostalgia.  Then around 2003, I started photographing the city in earnest as I saw how quickly Edmonton was losing many of its historic buildings.
In 2006, I moved to digital photography.  Since then, my skill level
has grown to the point  that I use complex focusing techniques
and post editing processes to produce an exceptionally high quality image. 
As I've studied photography, my interest has expanded to
include Alberta landscapes as well.
  Please enjoy!
Oil and gas are an important part of the Alberta economy.  Refinery at night.
This image was part of the "Infocus" exhibition in February of 2015.
Alberta Refinery
High Level Skyline
Copyright  David Aaron
The High Level Bridge celebrated its 100th birthday in 2013.  This image was created with exceptional detail and image sharpness.
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Downtown Edmonton
West Side
Prior to the construction
of the Ice District
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"Exceptional detail"

City Centre Airport
"In focus" Edmonton 2015
Edmonton Post Office
This post office was demolished in 2013.  Built in 1967.  I also have interior images of this building.  Prior to its construction a road went through here.  The Ritz Hotel resided on the southeast corner of this block until around 1974.
This small sample does not do this image justice.  Taken in 2010 I captured the entire airport in this panoramic.  This is a highly detailed image that is sharp from front to back and can be enlarged over 30 feet with amazing clarity.
Edmonton City Centre Airport
Edmonton Industrial Airport
Roger's arena under construction 2015.  Note:  Greyhound still operating.
Roger's Arena
This is Edmonton's new skyline 2019
Edmonton Skyline #2
This is Edmonton's new skyline taken in 2019.
Edmonton Skyline
Edmonton Skyline 2019
Absolutely beautiful image
Royal Alexandra Hospital