City of Edmonton

List of Photographs available

AGT Tower under construction - 1969 
Alberta Hotel -1973 
Alberts Pancake House + Whyte Avenue - 1987
Arlington Apartments - 1979
Army and Navy 97 St - 1973
Avenue Theatre - 1981
Birks Building including the CJCA tiger - 1979 
Bank of Montreal building  1962 (under construction)
Beachcombers 1981
Old Bank of Montreal building - 1960  (Jasper Avenue)
Carol's Sweets (Including Alberts Pancakes)- 1999
Chateau Lacombe (A series of 25 images documenting the construction beginning in 1962)
CIBC 118 Avenue - 1994  (old Safeway buidling) demolished
Cloverdale neighborhood - 1967 (aerial view from Chateau Lacombe) includes city incinerator
Commerial Hotel -1972 (including old Hub Cigar facade/signage) beautiful
CP Station Southside - 1980
Capitol Theatre night time - 1972  (incredible photograph)
Centre Town (aerial view from Hotel Mac) - 1967
City Hall including City Market - July 1962
CN tower under construction (2 images) - 1964
CN Station and rail yards - 1962
Christmas lights Jasper Avenue - 1971
Coliseum - 1974 (various images documenting its construction)
Dominion Stores - January 31, 1970  (last day)
Dreamland Movie house day time - 1976
Dreamland Movie house  night time - 1976 (see image)
Edmonton Auto Spring Works - 1979
Edmonton Telephone's booth - 1996
Edmonton Gardens - 1981
Edmonton Club - 1968
Eaton's Warehouse 103rd Avenue
Eatons Entrance Heritage Mall - 1994
Edmonton Journal Building - 1981
Empress Theatre - 1962 (Unbelievable beauty of this old theatre)
Guarantee Trust (previously the Dominion Building) 100 Street - 1967
GEM Theatre (Ballroom) - 1978 
Glenrose Hospital - 1981
Grocery Stores (Shop-Easy/Woodland Grocery)
Gulf Service Station 97 St - 1985 
Hub Cigars on Whyte - 1972/2003 (see image) 
"Hi There" 1972  Hart Bros. Building (Jasper Avenue 99 Street)
Jenner Motors - 1979
Johnstone Walkers - 1970 (Jasper Avenue) 
Jasper Avenue looking east - 1963 (see image)
Jasper Avenue looking west from 100 st - 1967
Klondike Theatre (Princess Theatre) - 1972
Lesville's Garage south of Whyte Avenue - 1978
Library on Macdonald Drive - 1967
Loblaws -1969
Low Level bridge including Gallagher Park, ski Jump - 1971
Manufacturers Exhibits Building - 1962 (pre-dates the Sport-Ex)
Marshall Wells Building - 1979
Mcgavins Bread 106 Ave 100 St - 1981
Mike's Newstand - 1978
Municiple Court House - 1985
Mcdougall Church - 1969
New Edmonton Hotel  97 Street - 1972
Northwest Mill by end of Steel Park - 1978
Palm Dairies (including Great West Foods) - 1977
Public Market Downtown - 1962 
Ritz Hotel 97 Street - 1968
Riteway Coffee House - 1976
Royal Bank building; Yale Hotel 1964 Jasper Avenue 
Rialto Theatre - 1978
Roxy Theatre - 1981
Royal American Show Train -1962 - 1970 Various images
Royal George Hotel - 1972
Safeway on 109 St & Whyte - 1973 (Includes signage)
Silverwood Dairies - February 1977 (milk bottle on top)
Simpsons Sears Park Plaza - 1976
Strand Theatre - 1978
Strathcona Hotel Old facade - 1977 
Tegler Building - December 12, 1982  (A day that will live in infamy)
Tegler Building - June 1979 
Telus Tower-AGT Tower under construction - 1969
Texaco in Ottwell with old signage - 1985.
University of Alberta Hospital - 1986
Varscona Theatre - 1981
Walterdale Playhouse - 1975
Waterloo Ford on Jasper Avenue - 1969
Whyte Avenue Street Scenes - 1970s-1990s
Woodwards Downtown -1972
Woodwards Signage
Woolworth's 102nd Ave - 1981
Woolco Heritage Mall 1994
WW Arcade - 1967 (stunning colour photograph)
WW Arcade - 1970
Zoo (various images of Storyland Valley zoo dating back to the early 1960's)
97 Street 102 Avenue looking toward the Centennial library - 1970 (Canada Place today)
101 Street north of Jasper Ave - 1960's (various images)
Beautiful street views of downtown Edmonton - 1960's  
and much more in colour.

 David Aaron Photography

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This page is devoted to some of the rarest and most remarkable colour photographs taken of Edmonton during the 1960's and 1970's.  These images are not only beautiful, but exemplify outstanding image quality.  
This is a premium collection of photography.

These images come in sizes ranging from 16 x 24 to 30 x 50.  This page contains various samples to view plus a list of some of the images that I have for sale in my library.  If you wish to purchase images from below, please contact me by email. 
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An Amazing Collection
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David Aaron Photography
Jasper Avenue April 1st 1968
Do you remember this train?  Image shows the arrival of the train into Edmonton.  Downtown can be seen in the background.
Dreamland theatre
Photographs on this page are for information purposes only.  These images have been  trimmed and altered for display on the internet and do not accurately depict 
the original scene nor image quality.  Customers purchasing photographs
 will receive sharp unaltered originals.
Demolished in 1987.  Sound of Music played here for years.
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Please note that all images on this page are intentionally blurred.  Buildings have been cropped and are only intended to give the viewer an idea of the original image.
Customers purchasing images will receive uncropped high quality originals.
Klondike Cinema
Varscona Theater
Rialto Edmonton
Mcdougall Church
Princess Theater
Strand Theater Edmonton
Capitol Theatre
The Theatre District
The Princess theatre was not only the klondike theatre, but was a shoe store in the 1960's prior to it returning to its roots as a theatre
Originally a single theatre movie house was converted to a twin theatre.  Today this is Commerce Place.  I also have a beautiful colour photo or the old marquee taken in 1971
Note the faded Pantages mural on the wall behind.
The Princess theatre has a long history.  It was once a shoe store and reinvented itself as a movie house in the early 70's as the Klondike Cinema
This is the original and oldest  Protestant congregation in Alberta
Sloppy Joes
Rare colour photo of the arena.  Note the Jubilee Auditorium behind - 1959
University of Alberta
Edmonton Gardens
Edmonton Journal
I have other lost theatres including:

Avenue 1981
Jasper Cinema (2007)
Rialto (1971)  absolutely beautiful marquee
Dreamland Theatre (1976) daytime
Gem Theatre (1978 ballroom)
Roxy (1978)
and the gem of all theatres the "Empress" theatre (1962)

All above are in colour
Varsity Arena
Home of the Edmonton Oil Kings.  Originally the Edmonton Stock Pavillion built in 1913.  Demolished in 1982
Klondike days 1967.  This was an era when citizens embraced the Klondike theme and dressed the part.  I remember dressing in my vest and tie for the parade
Royal American Shows 
Historic Klondike Days
Demolished shortly after this photograph was taken.
An incredibly beautiful marque taken in 1972
In the 1950's the Silk Hat restaurant resided on 106 st for a while.
Silk Hat/Corona Hotel
Dreamland theatre